Sedona, Arizona Elopement

A small wedding on a sedona hiking trail with only the closest family and friends

If this Sedona elopement set out to prove anything, it’s that an epic adventure wedding doesn’t mean you have to exclude your loved ones from the celebration. With a blended family of 7, it was obviously important to this couple that they exchange vows not only to each other, but to their kids as well. So with their family and closest friends in tow, they took the short hike up Bell Rock and had a small wedding ceremony with the panoramic views of Sedona’s red rock mountains surrounding them.

Couple hikes up a trail on Bell Rock in Sedona during their elopement.

Instead of spending money on a traditional wedding venue, this couple rented a large Airbnb to host their family for the week. They spent the days leading up to the area exploring Sedona, surrounding Arizona landmarks like the Grand Canyon, and even taking a helicopter ride to see the spot their wedding would take place on from the air. That week definitely beats stressing about centerpieces and bridesmaid drama, which is just another reason I love small weddings!

Back in their Sedona Airbnb, they got ready for the wedding and hiked the Bell Rock trail separately while I ran back and forth ensuring that neither of them saw the other before their official first look. Elopement and wedding days are always leg day for me, but that’s especially true in Sedona!

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Before the first look, they let the anticipation sit just a bit longer. They held hands, said a few words, took in Sedona’s beauty, and just breathed together. It’s an experience I definitely recommend if you’re thinking about doing a first look.

Couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day before their elopement in Sedona, Arizona.

While they enjoyed a moment together before their ceremony, the rest of their family and friends gathered at a viewpoint near the top of Bell Rock. The groom walked up with their officiant, who was also the bride’s brother. The bride and her father took the traditional walk down the aisle, except for the aisle was an off-the-beaten-path hiking trail. The bride wore boots under her dress that were perfectly suited for the unique aisle.

Bride's father escorts her up a hiking trail in Sedona, Arizona during her unique outdoor elopement.

After an intimate wedding ceremony with personalized vows, we explored Bell Rock while we waited for one of Sedona’s magical sunsets. A sky full of pink and orange clouds peeking over red rock mountains didn’t disappoint (and it rarely does in a place like Arizona!) While an elopement may have meant a secretive wedding or a scandal in the past, its definition has evolved. Now, elopements are full of moments like these – just exploring a mountaintop as you enjoy your first moments as husband and wife, while your family prepares for a celebratory dinner with you.

Newly married couple enjoys a first dance on the Bell Rock view point after their Sedona elopement wedding.

Most women will be able to guess what my favorite part of this bride’s simple wedding dress was: yup, it had pockets.

Lost in the panoramic views of Sedona, a couple takes a moment to steal a kiss after their elopement.
Black and white photo of couple kissing during their elopement in Sedona, Arizona.
Couple poses in front of Bell Rock after their Sedona, Arizona elopement.
Groom dips his bride for a kiss after their elopement in front of this Sedona sunset.

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