Videography for the highlights of your wedding day

Your wedding photos will capture single moments, woven together to tell the complete story of the events and emotions of your day. A wedding video does the same thing, but just delivers those emotions in a different way. A video can help loved ones feel like they were there, even if they weren’t able to join in person. A video can capture things that photos can’t, like the sounds of your wedding day.

So why would you not hire a separate videographer? If you’re already trying to keep your wedding small or your elopement intimate, (or really just don’t have a need for a full hour-long cinematic video of your day), adding an extra person to the day doesn’t make sense. To give my couples another option, I now offer short highlight videography as an add-on to any wedding package. These 3-5 minute wedding videos deliver all of the feelings with none of the bulk.

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Interested in a full cinematic wedding video?

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