Red Rock Canyon Engagement

A couple’s desert adventure in California’s Red Rock Canyon State Park

During the short time I lived in a true desert climate, I missed the color green so badly. But what I learned to love about the desert is that it makes up for its lack of greenery in other amazingly colorful ways. The vibrant sunsets and the red rock formations are my favorite things about the desert. Red Rock Canyon has both those things, and is a unique location for engagement photos. The landscape is reminiscent of places like Sedona or Zion National Park. This State Park in Cantil, California will give you that same feeling of adventuring a martian planet.

Red Rock Canyon is located right between the Sierra Nevada and El Paso mountain ranges. Dramatic red rock cliffs and canyons are the focal point of this landmark. You’ll also find plenty of desert life, including Joshua Trees! Only about a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles, this State Park is a great place to stop to hike and enjoy the sunset. You can even spend a night camping here before heading to other Southern California landmarks like Sequoia National Forest or Death Valley.

If you’re engaged, eloping, or just wanting some photos of you adventuring as a couple, it truly makes an amazing backdrop. Red Rock Canyon is an out-of-this-world location for photos that is just a quick day trip from LA.

Red Rock Canyon Engagement Photos

Couple explores Red Rock Canyon State Park during their engagement photo session with Wind and Sky Photography.

This couple let the colorful desert speak for itself and chose monochrome outfits for their engagement photo session. Layering textures and simple prints kept their outfits interesting without overwhelming the scenery.

Couple embraces during their engagement session in Red Rock Canyon, showing off their best outfits.

Photographing this session in the hour before the sun dipped behind the mountains and the naturally warm tones of the desert is what gives all of these photos that golden glow. I loved capturing this couple’s relationship alongside the contrast of muted, sun-bleached sagebrush and the majestic red rocks. Honoring the natural beauty of nature in my work is so important to me, which is why I am a vibrant, true-to-life photographer!

Couple holds hands while they explore Red Rock Canyon during their engagement session.
Black and white engagement photo of couple having an adventure in Red Rock Canyon State Park.
Soon-to-be bride runs the red sand of Red Rock State Park through her fingers during her engagement photo shoot.

How freaking beautiful is that red rock desert? Red Rock Canyon State Park is a great place to find this type of landscape for an elopement or engagement session, but if you want to experience it on a larger scale, check out my other Top Red Rock Elopement Locations!

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